ValueLinked is a global company focused on offering Consulting, Technology and IT services that are aimed at helping Large and Small Medium Enterprises effectively manage their operations by the use of technology, increase productivity through automation, reduce cost of movement of resources across entire supply chain, serve mobile forces through mobility and make advanced decisions through right decision support systems and Big Data analytics by capturing Time-Series data. 

For ISVs we offer product engineering, QA testing and product support services. Our team members have extensive experience in developing world class products that scale to millions of users using latest technologies. Since we hail from Bay Area, we are good developing products that are capable of responding to the changing market demands, we achieve this by adopting agile development methodology. 

When it comes to startups, we are The Experts in working them. Our customers love us for our ability to perform R&D, develop prototypes which is production capable, for meeting timeline and budget, We developed innovative ways to go about converting Ideas into an Innovation, thought into a prototype, prototype to Release 1.0, releasing products that appeal to target customers, ability to understanding end user experience and product design capabilities.  

Finally our Go-To-Market services focuses on offering solutions to companies that are in need for increasing their Reach, Revenue and Returns. These services are aimed at helping companies with target list creation, lead generation methods, social media marketing, sales operations, market research, channels creation and market intelligence collection. 

It is our innate ability to execute assignments with precision and 'lGlobal' approach in which we go local to collate accurate, on the ground information for customers across the globe with unmatched flexibility which enables us to realize the possibility to work with Fortune 500 companies to technology product companies including start ups. Read More..

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