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Go To Market Services

We believe Gotomarket determines the success of any company, hence we call the team that delivers this services to customers internally as lifeline services unit within our company.

Irrespective of the size, nature and stage of company, we work with everyone globally and help companies arrive at right gotomarket strategy and execute them effectively.

We employ the best and experts in the space of customers depending on their need, arrive right gotomarket plans and execute them on behalf of customers within their budget and agreed timelines.

We offer

1.     Globalization services

2.     MExcelerate services

Globalization services:

Our customers can leverage us to arrive at right entry strategy for global markets and we help customers make in-roads into USA, Canada, UK, Western Europe, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand markets with ease.

Under Globalization services, we offer

Target market potential and insights

Our team of global experts work with your market decision makers decide whether to enter, when to enter and how to enter into a particular market by providing your business specific information on the target market potential for your product success and help you with an entry strategy and business plan.

Market demand modeling

Marketing Demand Planning by ValueLinked enables marketers to accurately forecast marketing leads, opportunities, pipeline, and revenue. It drives sales and marketing alignment and helps to justify marketing spend. Also provide you with answers to tough questions like, what is driving or inhibiting market demand for technology solutions and products.

Customer segmentation

Same size does not fit everyone - is very true and companies who doesn't modify their products or services to meet the local market based customers almost every time fail. We help you with detailed information on types of customers, their purchasing power, drivers for their decision making, cultural and emotional reasons, etc... that would help you to package or design products which suit better to each of these target customers. Similarly we help customers with answers for questions like what are customer needs, especially unmet needs, and what are their key buying factors?

Partners / Alliances research

Sales bandwidth has always been issue and especially if you are a product company who wants focus on innovation and R&D needs to focus building good partner programs and alliances. ValueLinked helps companies with right partner programs, detailed information on potential partners and levels of partnership and cooperation agreement you can sign up.

Competitive assessment

It is important for companies to know answers to the following questions. Who are your competitors and what competitive set best represent competition? How they competing and what is their market share? What differentiators are sustainable & difficult to replicate by competitors? Our team of experts understand importance of these questions and work with you closely to compete better in the market.

Subsidiary opening and operations

We are experts in opening offshore subsidiaries, running its operations for a period of time till we meet agreed milestone and then transfer the operations to customers.

mExcelerate Services:

These services are targeted towards offering brand visibility, getting the word out and in-market lead generation to companies that has limited budget or want to spend limited budget on conferences, events and get access to the participants list. Also we help companies get reports on technology demands, industry conferences, technology shifts and get meetings with attendees. Finally our teams can do research on right conferences that one can participant and represent them exclusively at these conferences.

The services offered by us are

·         Conferences

a.     Individual participation

b.     Exhibit Hall Display

c.     Conference Materials sponsorships

·         Appropriate conferences research and participation

·         Attendee lists purchase

·         Onsite and Virtual meetings with Attendees

·         Conference reports

·         Conference press releases and branding

·         Participation in Events across specific geography and industry

·         User community creation