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Sales Operation Services

We strongly believe that “good preparation wins half the battle”. A sales and marketing plan is as good as the quality of the target data and information sales and marketing team have in their fingertips. We employ experts who are good at enabling these teams with great quality of data and information. The services offered by us are

  • Data services -
  • Lead generation – “DirectLead” services
  • Sales enablement
  • Specialized marketing
  • Sales Automation


Data services
Our data services team’s help companies create target accounts and lists which is very specific to them. These data are validated for its accuracy and can be leveraged immediately for proactive revenue generation or marketing activities. We offer
  • Harvest List creation
  • Opt-in List creation


How do we create them?


Harvest List – We have teams who are good at finding right customer accounts, right target contacts, access to sales databases, web search and market research. They use their experience and expertise in building an industry and people specific list that is wanted by your sales and marketing teams. These data are tested for its accuracy and only then is submitted to customers.


Opt–in List – We use various online marketing techniques, phone skills, community and user/focus groups, and real people at live events and conferences to build an opt-in list.


DirectLead services


DirectLead services are targeted towards either increasing the pipeline or increasing sales numbers. Our team focuses on

  • Qualified leads generation and supplying to customer’s sales team for pre-sales or closure
  • Handle entire sales lifecycle and close the deal
  • Live sales capture and chat


These services are most sought after by

  • Independent software vendors for selling their products to business
  • Consumer facing product companies and enterprises
  • Internet businesses


We meet our commitment for generating leads or sales number by building a dedicated team of right people for each customer who subscribe for our services. This team can be for


Inside Sales Team– Onsite / Offshore / Near-Shore

We believe that inside sales team can play crucial role in determining the success of front line sales teams for selling high value products, provided inside sales team members are qualified, polished, capable and well directed to meet the objectives of their trade. Hence we handpick inside sales team members for each customers only after complete understanding of customer’s business, products or services that we need to sell, their targeted goals for the current financial year, etc…

The selection process varies from customer to customer and each handpicked is deployed in the inside sales team only after receiving a positive nod from end customer on suitability and rigorous product training.

We also focused on keeping sales budget in check; hence we offer global sourcing to our customers. We can build an inside sales team anywhere on the planet for a customer who is culturally fit to approach the targeted end users for customer’s products or services. Hence we offer to build inside sales team that is based at Onsite / Offshore / Near-Shore / Mixed locations and offer price advantages.

OutboundCalling Team from our call centers

When it comes to selling to consumers directly, we use outbound calling teams from our call centers as the number of people who needs to be reached out is very high. We have use either our own or partner facilities across the globe for meeting outbound calling targets.

Our differentiator –

The single biggest differentiator our services from our peers is the professionalism of the team we employ for doing this work. Our facilities are state of the art that employs expert telemarketers who has the innate ability to call customers with high energy, be good listeners and follow right sales processes and techniques. 

LiveField Lead Generation

In this model, we can help customers generate live leads directly from their targeted geographies by having our expert sales networkers participate across tradeshows, conferences and events conducted throughout a year.

We work with customers closely to define the target events and conference where we need to participate and the message our team needs to deliver. We offer flexible engagement model where customer gets decide whether engage with us on a yearly basis or event to event basis.


Sales Enablement

Sales reps spend almost 25% of their time researching and preparing for sales opportunities. Approximately 80% of percent of sales reps do not meet their sales
quotas consistently year after year. Sales reps know that the more preparation they do for eachopportunity, the more likely they are to win the deal. Salesreps also know that they don't get paid to do research, but rather to close the deal. Hence we engage with customers for compiling industryintelligence and eliminate the time-consuming research process that is eatingup nearly a quarter of every sales rep's time, and enable reps to spendmore hours selling. The services offered by us are

Target industry research and market intelligence

Our team members focus on collecting field-tested intelligence on all companies, including all Fortune 500 and Global 2000 organization and In-depth insight, research and "pain points" for all major industries and sectors, based on comprehensive market data. 

Account capturing and news

Sales reps spend almost 10% of their time identifying right person in a right team and reviewing recent news and announcements of a particular account. ValueLinked team can help you with this research and allow your internal sales teams to focus on sales.

  • Presentation and brochure design
  • Bids, Tenders and Online opportunities discovery services
  • Case studies development
  • Sales team performance analysis and recommendation


Specialized Marketing services

Dynamics of Marketing has changed over the years due to increase in Mobile, Internet usage and Social Media, hence the way Marketing is done has to change and is undergoing tremendous changes as we speak. Valuelinked is an expert in specialized marketing and helps our customers change and adopt their marketing strategy to suit today's world. the services offered by us are

Social media strategy

Statistics say companies that use social media effectively have increased their brand visibility by 40% and sales by 15% more. This demonstrates the importance of social media. We employ experts in social media marketing to help companies manage their corporate portal in social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Blogger, Linkedin, etc...and create fan base, collect ideas, feedback, run campaigns, post updates and hire people.


Cost benefit analysis

In today's expensive world it is important for companies to know ROI for marketing activities they carry out. Our team of experts can you get the visibility of results each activities produces, its impact in terms of visibility, additional sales and help you decide whether your investment in a particular activity at a particular time makes sense or not at ease and better. Based on these results, you can also time a specifc type of marketing activity.


Marketing roadmap creation

Developing a marketing operations roadmap provides high performers with a systematic process for identifying, prioritizing and building the right marketing operations capabilities to create value. Development of a rigorous business case to focus the organization on outcomes, not just capability building, is also part of the roadmap effort. Without a roadmap, companies often either underestimatethe task at hand or simply solve short term tactical problems. Our team of expert carry out marketing roadmap assessments taking ROI perspective and develop programs that offers measurable results and create positive impact.

Product Lunch services

We have experts who work with customer for launching their products in a specific market for a specific type of customer or for everyone.

Product or service benchmarking

We help companies differentiate their products from competitor products by leveraging our Benchmarking services where we can publish papers on your product's performance, pricing, infrastructure requirement, licensing model, support, yearly maintenance cost, etc... against your competitors, which intern can help you acquire more customers and market share. 

Community creation

The success of a particular product depends on the adoption by users which intern depends of the quality, ease of use and support offered by the vendor. All of these can be addressed better and created if one create a community of user base. Valuelinked is an expert in creating communities for product companies. 

Website Development
Website play a crucial role in determining the success of a particular online service or of an Internet business. It is important that a website is built keeping some of the following factors in mind like simplicity, graphics, color, user experience, loading time, scalability, readability and usability. Since website is meant for generating revenue or delivering the service against the order, it is very important that the website development is lead by a business leader rather than a engineering expert. Our experts in business can design and develop websites that appeals to your customers and stands out from your competitors using latest and reliable technologies.


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